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Current Shipments

Antwerp to Colombo

- 9 x 40' High Cube Shippers own modified accommodation units shipped as BBK on a container vessel

Felixstowe to Vancouver

- 100 x 40' High Cube containers off fabricated steel work for mine in Logan Lake, BC

Tilbury to Onne Port

- 135 x 40' Dry Van containers off Steel work

Hull to Vancouver

- 8000mt deadweight vessel full charted from Hull to Vancouver

Grangemouth to Malta

- 8 x 40' High Cube containers comprising of various oil well equipment

Antwerp to Charleston

- 5 pieces, 185,000 kgs / 465.00 cbm of conventional cargo

Antwerp to Mumbai

- 1 piece, 90,000 kgs / 135 cbm of conventional cargo

Felixstowe to Seattle

- 40' Open Top and 20 Open Top containers of reels of wire rope

Felixstowe to Tianjin

- 4 x 40' Flat Rack container over width and over height and 3 x 40' High Cube container from Glasgow to Tianjin of Machinery

Tilbury to Luanda

- 50,000 kgs of 45 ft lengths of pipe work for Oil and Gas from Aberdeen to Luanda

Felixstowe to Veracruz

- 2 x 40' Flat Rack containers 4.00m wide and 3.5m High for the Oil and Gas Industry

Glasgow to Buenaventura

- 6 x 40' Open Top Containers container empty cable reels for the Oil and Gas Industry

Great Yarmouth to Port of Spain

- 1 x 20' Flat Rack container over width and over container drilling derrick equipment

La Spezia to Fremantle

- 4 x 40' Flat Rack Containers (over length & over height) @ 12.35m x 2.00m x 2.30m each. successfully collected, loaded to flat rack containers and loaded to vessel from La Spezia port to Fremantle port, Australia. See case ...

Aberdeen to Vancouver

- 5 x 20' GP Containers and 2 x 40' FR Containers (over width/over height/over weight) of Oil Well Equipment from Aberdeen, Scotland to Slave Lake, British Columbia.

Chennai to Montrose

- Break Bulk shipment of 1 Case of Wind Turbine Blades @ 14.00m x 2.24m x 2.00m from Chennai Port, India to Montrose, Scotland.

Indonesia to Belgium

- 8 Cement Mixer Units each at 10.50m x 4.56m x 5.54m & 38 metric tonnes. Collected from Batam Island to AntwerpCollected from a jungle site in Batam to Singapore via barge and from Singapore to Antwerp as Break Bulk cargo.

Vancouver - Teesport

- 1 x 40ft HC containing 3 packages of mining equipment that was british return goods grossing a weight of 2500kgs

Rotterdam - Mombasa

- 2 x20ft GP containing oilwel equipment for the Transocean Rig in Kenya. Total Gross weight of 36000kgs

Tilbury - Fremantle

- 2 x 20ft HC shippers own container carrying Mining equipment with a total gross weight of 30000kgs

Felixstowe - Apapa

- 1 x 40ft Flat Rack, over width and over height carrying Oilwell equipment grossing a total weight of 38000kgs

Felixstowe - Tripoli

- 2 x 40ft HC containers with the contents of 79 Heated Spray Rooms grossing 7000kgs in weight

Felixstowe - Nacala

- 1 x 40ft HC containing 11 packages of oilwell equipment with a gross weight of 10'653kgs

Felixstowe - Umm Qasar

- 2 x 40ft GP and 1 x 40ft HC container carrying Oilwell equipment a total combined gross weight of 52'634kgs

Case studies

Manchester To Lagos »

We recently moved a large project from Manchester to Lagos, Nigeria.The shipment was 18 large wooden crates of Oilwell Equipment from the manufacturers site in Manchester that needed to be transported to Lagos Port in Nigeria. One of our Projects Team ...

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